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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A sestina


Hi, I'm dory!
And this is a picture of chico!
He's a young fish that.. no Nemo!
His name was nemo, or elmo?
Any who he was taken from the ocean
And is trapped some where in a tank

A bird saw him in that tank himself
 Im dory by the way, did i say that?
I forgot a lot of things here in the ocean
I'm looking for this fish chico, hes lost
Elmo's dad Marlin is very worried
We are in an adventure to find nemo now

See nemo touched the butt and was taken
With the help of tank or crush? a turtle guy
And some sharks, we'll find elmo and they will announce
That I dory helped and yes
Whale its beneficial in this ocean actually.

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