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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Narrative Poem

a poem based on a memory: jumping off a cliff into a lake in natomas, same lake that claimed your friends life)

A Flash of Natomas 

I longed to feel the risk.
The tall rigid trees whistled
Through the leaves, the sun beamed
Down on my back, halting
The drops that refused
To dry.

Nothing was moving yet
Time seemed to be going
Too fast to keep up.
I feared the consequence but they were waiting
For me on the other side of the Rocky hill
Across this still yet deceiving basin

It could wave
It could swirl
It could twist, thrash, and twirl
It could sallow a large truck just as easy as a penny
It could creative memories
Of BBQ’s, family, or fishing
It could claim a dear old friend and refuse
To give him back

It hides what is underneath
Never knowing what is true, leaving only one way
In seconds, I watched
The blues, greys, and greens blur
To lines leading me to my fate.
I felt the same jerk that day as I did when my mom’s car hit
The tree last summer on the highway

The splash calmed.
The whole 20 seconds your body moves
Lifelessly with the water your heart stops
There is a glance of non-existence
A second longer
Your body jerks up from its sleep
For that taste of air or someone, anyone
To save you from this prison

Who is the true monster?
The cool crisp calm water
That stripped the air from my lungs
Leaving me gasping for sweet life,
Or me
Who willingly stayed there.

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  1. I love the imagery in this poem. I also really like the use of onomatopoeia in the words "swirl, twist, thrash, and twirl"