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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Short story

Ink Blot 
Anna Famuberk

Breathe. Anna just breathe, nothing else matters but that sweet refreshing cool taste of air. Every time I tried for that beautiful thing we all took for granted, heavy bitter blood and dry smoke took its place. Filling my lungs like the helium dwelling in the bright hot pink balloons that still stayed tied to the thin branches of the tall oak trees around the garden. I watched six blue birds dart from their home as the sounds of the machine guns released their silver bullets. The butterfly cages fell on their side, the clowns dressed up like babies laid lifelessly in the rose bushes, the chainsaw juggle-list was no longer whole, I never knew the inside of a human body was so dark and gruesome with so much blood. The young horses ran wild; I could almost see their hearts beating against their chest. Pipper, my loyal brown lab laid still next to the baby circus elephant that seemed to be sleeping. How much I wished they were all just sleeping.
Like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard, the historical screams from the people trapped inside clawed at my ears. The place I once called home now burned down in flames. I could feel the heat like a warm summer’s day. How I had missed the warm weather and cool breeze of Cape Cod. I could remember the day I finally came home from that god awful boarding school my parents had sent me. I had announced that there “must be a grand party” with everything exotic, clowns, horses, fire tricks, the works. The best money could buy at any cost. Even though I knew there was none left, my family had fallen into debt. They talked about some great depression and banks closing but I did not care, I wanted it all.
The thought of the last words I told my mother made me want to throw up. She had worked all night sewing my new royal blue dress with lace so elegant, I finally felt like a princess. My dear father worked three jobs and sold his precious car to make this event happen.  I would do anything to take it all back. For just another chance at being a good daughter, the daughter Mr. and Mrs. Famuberk deserved. I wondered where it had all gone wrong. It was at that point I had finally felt the pain from my bullet wounds start to take over my body.
A man emerged from the dark smoke; he threw two machine guns on the fresh cut grass. I could not detail his face only the bright white skull and cross bones on his black T-shirt caught my eye, it seemed untouched unlike the rest of his young body covered in ash and blood. This was the same skull I saw tattooed on his tan thick finger as he pulled a single shot martial pistol towards my head. I could never forget the dark sick feeling I got when we locked eyes. His, beautiful green like mint leaves, filled with anger as if the devil himself dwelled within him. I had not always believed in God but I knew if there was evil, this evil that took so many lives; there had to be good. My tears formed lakes as I closed my eyes and said my first prayer.

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